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Well, hello there.. 

Welcome to my little world. In the 24 years I have inhabited the earth, I have come to the simple realisation that the only way to truly live life, is to bungee jump right into it. If you feel like quitting your job, you should! If you feel like learning an instrument, you should! If you feel like starting a blog.... you see where this is going. 

I am Type 1 Diabetic, I live in this carousel of life, with no pause buttons and with no ways out. A large portion of my life has been all about my diabetes - so I decided to do something that was not at all about my diabetes.. Just about the rest of it. 

This blog is a reflection of my thoughts, my ever changing muses, my deep dilemmas, my rambly rants and my constant need to express! So, welcome to the madness. A place filled with poetry, prose, podcasts, taylor swift references and more. 

So lets party with words, shake off the haters, and be super dope!!!! ....... yeah, I just said that.. Welcome to my brain. You may want to buckle up. 


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