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Here's to Type 1 Diabetes

Today's blog, is actually a poem.


Heres to the struggle Heres to the fight To the never ending days And the sleepless hospital nights

Heres to the sugar checks To the RBS test brands, Heres to the smell of Insulin on your hands..

Heres to the highs Heres to the lows Heres to the numbness And tingling on your toes..

Heres to the times You have wanted to quit To the times your body Thought it really wasn't worth it

Heres to the bruises That don't seem to heal, Heres to the times You don't want to feel.

Heres to the pumps The needles and the pins Heres to the syringes Heres to insulin.

Here is to fragility To being so brittle, Here is to the complications That are inevitable.


Here is also to courage, And here is to hope Heres to confidence Of knowing you will cope.

Heres to more strength Heres to less pain Heres to finding sunshine In the pouring rain.

Here is to support,

To grit as immunity,

Here is to the magic

of the beautiful diabetic community,

Here is to a self reminder To stay calm and breathe; Here it to winning, Here is to Type 1 Diabetes....

Heres to the hearts,

That beat red, but bleed blue,

Heres to the start,

Of a life that is new!




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