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It's Showtime Folks!

When i thought about starting this blog, I thought hard about what I would write about. And more than ‘what’ I would write about, I thought a lot about ‘why’ I would write. I am a performer by training, and I have often found that the best way to express something is through movement, space and time.

But in the recent past, with experiences that have made me introspect, with meeting people that have inspired me, by living through things that have changed me - movement, space and time felt a little unjust. and then, I read a quote that changed me. It said “What would you write, if you weren’t afraid” -

And so, I decided to write.

Today I welcome you to my blog!

A place for life watching, for sharing exciting experiences, lowest lows, highest highs, and a naive attempt to unload into this virtual reality… maybe, just maybe, it will help me find a little sanity. I have heard that writing is therapeutic - it releases you into a world of peace and introspection, and so this journey, is a mix of blogs, of podcasts, of impromptu poetry, and more than anything else, a place for me to really be myself, sans filters, sans judgments..

So welcome,

Welcome to the madness,

To the utter chaos,

To the optimism, to the pessimism, to the absolute worst, and the seldom bests…

You proceed at you own risk….

This is my place, to be it all; unlimited tear drops, mad laughter, conscience thoughts and nightmares dressed like daydreams…

Welcome to poetry, to prose, to intense truths, to fictitious imagination, to confessions, to cures and….. to all that jazz ;)

Yours always,


(may or may not have written this whilst drunk) … (thank god for spell check) ..


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